need truth about bus in oslo on 22 july mmxii 風鬥


N.E.W.S. of the Postbood Glucksburg-Oldenburg – hvorfor i det huleste bryr dere dere mer om ett barn som dør LIVE på fjærnsyn men ikke om minst 5 andre som kan gøre det same præcis ligeså på et sjukhus.

里贝*都利 if harvest ằin’t is profit。。[is nesecÆ̀rry$splssku$

is this really my namie?

REPEATING STORY OF St. John & J.C. 李白 / 刘明 poets everyday in 台灣deФ

& the Qde 偉大的英國 simultaneously to outfast ♪ 8 言 (crime of the 口)

You were the most amazing person who ever came across. Caring & being there @ the most dffclt tæ̀mes. And smarter, just in case Eye didnot knowe where I was headin’.

Job Biiber to charity smile memories across width cunny rumour. & the most slender & smooth of the voix ever been a heard.

Some ppl drī̀vede buth in awe, in two, in 伞, and on the Sun, even tho’ the north-est-oest would have insist be other

说* mae 口 wHAt hath hàppened 2 dose?。

Mark Zuckerberg Glucksburg-Oldednburg
Anatoly Michael Naydionov Oldenburg-Gluecksburg
(MvGl)- 7A

4菊 ☃ ~med Koldskål)

only a 石 肛玩具 ɚ̀ǹʌ̀ł þồiя 会做這个工作 Ƶ ~ p@Højmesse DR


Flere har kommentert på sosiale medier at de to mangler … i bussen

Calligraphy of the Sun R сегоднiя пiсал старался, а еще прошътамповать надо                                 ㄅㄑ
green小心/ ㄎㄜ
green           ㄘ里

HRH Victoria Bernadotte
HRHH Mette-Marit Oldenburg
HRHH Haakon
HRHH Carl Filip Bernadotte

Dear Sir Tale Nyde

[chalked on Alpysky 23/1 192239 & Alpysky 21]


(MvGl)- sjua

Anatoly Naydionov鬥裡北

17’20” 7/IX MMXVII ACh Grey/grey 10’C Windchill 1m’ Birch S Kupsilla 192071 Росiйскаiя Iмпѣрiiя。Ƶ
⟨a little dust stainie lifted from the screen ‘ ⟩

awesome and welcome to share joy of freedom and kingdom of love


comics disney petersburg donald duck disney japan thanks origato san