Heating Off

Can you tell me
When the time is right
To strike
With magic?
Or do you prefer a kiss?

I’ve missed –
A lot.
But there’s no space nor earth for us
When you just turn
Your heaters off.

Don’t run away
In escapades of thorns.
The tenderness is here –
It has moved more.

The fear has no luck.
For you and I –
We weren’t born yesterday,
Cause yesterday just sucks…

There’s something inbetween the days –
For sure.
It is called -rainbow-
And it has no cure!


Stage Zero

Insemination of fatigue ideas
Is outlawed
By the force of my mental pushups.

Whenever I bump into gravity,
I realise
It’s nothing compared to the stars in your mind.

How do I begin tracing the lines
In his eyes?
Does he understand, I’ve already seen paradise?

Well, I’ve seen the bottom, too.
The hope never dies –
And neither will you!