what is my opinion of geopolitics

i wasted about 6 yrs of my life to study at the university. the subject was called international relations. if i’d chosen now, i’d have taken physics or art. much rather, i would have settled out of town, built a house by my own project, made a farm, and played music.

a lot of the time, we were studying nonsensical political theories about how the world should be run, managed, the countries cooperate and all.

having lived and travelled to different places, you pretty much realize that people are the same everywhere. two legs, two hands in most of the cases. a variety of eye, sking, and hair colors tells just a bit about the variety of life in general, the different climates, etc. everyone both drains and enriches you with their experience.

borders are ridiculous and preposturous. so is fight over religion, money and goods. sins are the same – greediness, fear, envy.

stuff is quite simple and life is pretty short.

we are all one fucking family.

lets enjoy the time here, share the planet, and kick off when we’re done.

we like to think how modern we all are. with all the gadgets and cars and airplanes. but the matter of fact is that we are still in deep shit and medieval times with different currencies, languages, borders, visas, and bombs.

praying for a better understanding, the good to succeed, and peace.


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