learning to write

when i was a little kid, my dad taught me the georgian alphabet. since he’d grown up there and his dad was a mingrelian douche, Janashia by the last name, who’d chased his bastard son of 5 with an axe. his mother had been evacuated from the ukraine during wwii and had completed only 2 yrs of school. we always got kicks of her postcards, cause even at 60,  she was writing like a child.

i mean taught and taught. he used about 7 minutes to draw the letters for me in 2 columns. and voila, that was The alphabet!  i’m not even sure he remembered all of the characters.

it has affected my handwriting at school quite a bit tho. if you know, the georgian letters are very curly (that’s how they spell their own name f.ex. ~ საქართველო) like indian, thai, armenian, or smth?

so when we started learning russian cursive at school, i was like – oh, i know how it’s done! so the cursive got a lot of georgian curls in it. it ‘helped,’ of course, too, that i was left-handed. so i always failed in handwriting at the gay school but got the spelling write most of the time. it was a major catastrophe at home when in 2nd or 3rd grade, i got a 4 and not a 5 (which is the top character) for an essay for spelling ‘winter’ with a wrong vowel (зема and not зима). hate winter, just to be honest.

by the way, i’d already known the type letters by the time. we’d learned them in the last year of our day care. and we weren’t sure really about the dots, i think. cause we knew adults would put them somewehre. so just in case, i’d started putting a dot after each letter. so my name looked like T.О.Л.R. and its not the worst really. cause my hard-of-hearing young sis was writing hers backwards.

once in elementary, my mother found a copy-book where i’d got 2 (the lowest grade) for the cyrillic cursive. she woke me up in the middle of the night, bit the shit out of me and made me write a whole new book with ridiculous syllables like ча-ча-ча and шу-шу-шу (cha-cha-cha, shoo-shoo-shoo) at 3 a.m. !

after a while, just when they stopped grading our handwriting, i stopped writing complete cursive at all, switching to more of a mix of print letters and handwriting. and i’ve beheld some of the curls to this day.


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